TOP/お知らせ/広告表現チェックツール 『TRUSQUETTA AD US』リリースのお知らせ / Announcement of the Release of “TRUSQUETTA AD US”

広告表現チェックツール 『TRUSQUETTA AD US』リリースのお知らせ / Announcement of the Release of “TRUSQUETTA AD US”

広告監修およびコンサルティング業務を手掛ける、株式会社アートワークスコンサルティング(所在地:東京都渋谷区東3丁目15-9 プライムハウスⅡ 2階、代表取締役:高橋聡)は、広告表現チェックツール 『TRUSQUETTA AD US』がリリースされたので、ここにお知らせいたします。

Artworks Consulting Co., Ltd., a company specializing in advertising supervision and consulting services (Location: 2nd Floor, Prime House II, 3-15-9 Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Satoshi Takahashi), is pleased to announce the release of the advertising expression checking tool “TRUSQUETTA AD US.”

■ 背景


TRUSQUETTA(トラスクエタ)は、安全安心で誰もが簡単に早く広告監修ができる世界になるよう、この度、『TRUSQUETTA AD US』をリリースする運びとなりました。

■『TRUSQUETTA AD US』をリリースいたしました。

近年では、日本だけでなくアメリカでも誇大広告が問題となっております。 『TRUSQUETTA AD US』は、 Social Media Policies(ソーシャルメディアポリシー), FTC Guidelines(FCT ガイドライン), Search Engine Guidelines(Google検索品質評価ガイドライン)に対応。オンライン上で、アメリカの企業様が、AIで簡単に正確に広告監修を行うことができます。
更には、 コスト削減やチェック時間削減など監修業務の大幅な効率化が期待できます。

広告監修を行っている多くの企業様に『TRUSQUETTA AD US』を使っていただき、世界へと拡大していくことで、数多くの誇大広告違反が世界中で解消されることを弊社は目指しています。

■ 広告表現チェックツール 『TRUSQUETTA(トラスクエタ)』とは

広告表現チェックツール 『TRUSQUETTA(トラスクエタ)』 は誇大な表現になる恐れがある箇所をぱっと指摘してくれるサービスです。


■ 広告表現チェックツール『TRUSQUETTA(トラスクエタ)』ができること

広告表現チェックツール『TRUSQUETTA(トラスクエタ)』 をご利用頂くことで、各種ガイドラインに準拠したチェックを行うことができます。


■ 広告表現チェックツール『TRUSQUETTA(トラスクエタ)』 は業務効率化に貢献


■ 価格



広告表現チェックツール『TRUSQUETTA AD US』

■ Background

Exaggerated advertising has been a long-standing issue across multiple countries worldwide. Our goal with TRUSQUETTA is to create a safer, more efficient, and more effective advertising environment that everyone can benefit from. As such, we are proud to announce the release of TRUSQUETTA AD US. Our innovative tool, TRUSUQUETTA, utilizes AI to assist companies in verifying their advertising expressions, providing a more efficient way to supervise advertising. Advertising agencies, manufacturers, and various companies across different industries, such as insurance, real estate, and finance, have adopted TRUSUQUETTA.

■Release of “TRUSQUETTA AD US”

The issue of exaggerated advertising has become a growing concern in both Japan and the United States. To address this problem, we have developed TRUSQUETTA AD US, a tool that complies with Social Media Policies, Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Guidelines, and Search Engine Guidelines. This AI-implemented tool makes it easy and accurate for U.S. companies to monitor their online advertising campaigns.

By adopting TRUSQUETTA AD US, companies can significantly enhance their efficiency, reduce costs, and shorten the time required for advertising supervision tasks. Our company aims to address exaggerated advertising violations worldwide and encourage companies engaged in advertising supervision to use TRUSQUETTA AD US. We believe that by doing so, we can expand its reach globally and contribute to creating a fair and safe advertising environment.


The advertising expression checking tool TRUSQUETTA is a service that quickly identifies parts of an advertisement that may contain exaggerated expressions.

It allows anyone to quickly check advertising expressions, reducing tasks that would take over an hour by human inspection to less than 30 minutes*.
*Subjective experience

■ Functions of TRUSQUETTA

By using the advertising expression checking tool TRUSQUETTA, you can perform checks in compliance with various guidelines.

It allows easy checking by simply inputting videos, URLs, PDFs, JPGs, or PNGs. Additionally, comprehensive support is provided from implementation to post-implementation.

■ The contribution of TRUSQUETTA to operational efficiency

Implementing TRUSQUETTA can reduce the process from planning to advertisement placement by approximately 30%*. It enables the simultaneous realization of safe and secure advertising operations and operational efficiency.
*Based on user interviews

■ Pricing

Please get in touch with our sales department for more details.
For more information about the service, please visit the following link.


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